New water polo rules approved

Water polo rules

Waterpolo officially changes its rules. In the last day of the World Aquatics Convention in Hangzhou (China), FINA Extraordinary Technical Waterpolo Congress adopted by a large majority the rules changes that were proposed by the last FINA World Waterpolo Congress in Budapest, in April, and that were tested at the last U18 World Championships in Szombathelyi and Belgrad and in the last World Cup in Berlin and Surgut. The proposal was approved with 161 votes in favour, 2 against and 6 abstentions.

The proposal contained the “easy” rule changes, as they were defined in Budapest, which don’t aim to revolutionize waterpolo, but to make the game faster and more dynamic. The new rules will be applied to all the FINA competition of the current season: chronologically, the Europa Cup finals, the World League Super Final and the World Championships in Gwangju.

Every continental federation (as LEN) and every national federation will have to choose whether to use the new rules to their current competitions or to postpone their application to 2019/20 season. The debate is open in every nation, however LEN should keep using the “old rules” until next June in all the European cups: Champions League, Euro Cup, Euro League and Len Trophy.

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