And the most inspiring sports story of 2020 goes to – Chris Nikić, American Ironman with Down syndrome breaking the boundaries and stereotypes at the age of 21.
As the NYTimes journalist Kurt Streeter said that Chris’ “ultimate dream is to live independently and have a wife and a family of his own”, he sets a true example of humbleness, persistence, limitless possibilities, discipline, sacrifice, respect and what not in these hard times globally!
Even though you’re of Albanian-Montengrin not Croatian background, don’t think we want to add to or take away anything from your life, we just want to congratulate you as our hero therefore, Cronikić!

That’s proper Balkan DNA, homeboy!!! But it’s all you!!!

We’ll support you in all your goals and achievements!!!

You are a true inspiration for the whole region and the world because past does matter in order to know who you are but the future and what you do is what brings the change for the better…to be continued…

Foto – Ironman