Vanja Brkljač

Digital marketing


Vanja always enjoyed challenging conventions so it would be only fair that his biography reflects that. Born and raised in a very sporty neighborhood in Zagreb, he gained his Master’s degree in Economics specializing in IT. Well, that wasn’t enough for him so he decided to enroll in a Master’s program in philosophy and sociology focusing primarily on classical European philosophy and guess what…he nailed it! The fact that he is now working on a PhD in Buddhist philosophy as well as translating and editing books in that field, doesn’t really make him a true jock but it doesn’t really matter, does it?! He is our most precious team member focusing on digital marketing and, if you wish, we play some ping pong here and then. Or chess. Or drinking games.

So far he has worked in Croatia’s biggest and oldest cultural NGO Matrix Croatica where he organized and hosted a weekly Salon which featured many lectures, round tables and public discussions. The Salon was a forum for young scientists, inventors, artists, cultural workers and academics to present their work and engage in public discussion. He first got involved in internet marketing and media relations there and never stopped ever since. Through meeting Croatia’s most talented young people and hosting talks all over our beautiful country he learned about the best Croatia has to offer and promoted our culture and heritage all around the world. That is what makes Vanja unique and he definitely had to become part of Cronique sooner or later. What better moment than to help us set up the mass mailing, social networks and all other connected activities?! He also plays an important part of the bigger picture that you can see on our website www.camps.cronique.org. Through his work experience in tourism, he continues to study internet marketing and has now started his own company specializing in that area. During the last ten years he has dedicated much of his time to meditation and travelled to India every year. Even though he is hopelessly without talent or success in meditation, he continues to strive and hope to get a grip on his wild mind one day. Or his better half is going to do that for him one day, who knows?!