Tibor Skala



We are very proud to introduce Tibor as one of our own because of his successful water polo career in Mladost, Zagreb, to put aside all his other life and career achievements. Just like Andrej Grozaj, our water polo coach, he played an important role as a driver in our golden generation of 1978/79. Not only did he perform well in water polo but he also managed to set the stepping stones for his sailing career as a kid. With more than 25 years of sailing experience, out of which 15 years of professional skipper experience, he started organizing fleet sailing programs. In the last 10 years he developed a massive fleet organization in Croatia of up to 50+ yachts per week. As this structure requires a large number of employees he is in contact with all kinds of people and profiles from the tourism industry (from local contacts like bar, restaurant, club or private beaches owners to skippers, hostesses, charter agencies, managers of port and/or marinas authorities, etc.)

His greatest strength is the personalization of services. No matter what the inquiry, special wishes, budget, deadlines, whatever- he will make it happen!  His life story is not a short one but one of his greatest traits is that no matter what and how stressful situations might get, he believes in people’s good side and most of the time they reward him for that after they realize what he has done for them. And they return for more! Not only is he creative, easygoing and fun but honest, reliable and trustworthy in his business and that is what our guests appreciate the most, especially because you can never predict the weather and be cautious enough at sea. 

Even though he is wild at heart with a lot of entrepreneurial adrenaline, he lives a normal life as the senior lecturer at the Graphic Arts program at the University of Zagreb. He graduated at the Electrical Engineering and Computing University (FER) in 2001. Since 2004 he worked as the Assistant in the Department of Multimedia and Information Systems of Graphic Arts in Zagreb specializing in Multimedia module. After defending his doctoral dissertation in 2010 he started working as a senior assistant, and since 2015 has worked as an Assistant Professor. He is a father of two beautiful kids (6 and 3) who enjoy their weekend getaways in the open seas.


You name it - I got it!!!