Boris Stričević

Boris Stričević



You have to understand that these territories are cruel when it comes to football just like Brazil. Maybe that is the reason for such a global success except our country is the size of North Dakota. After completing the I. Economics High School, I graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb specializing in Football/Soccer because I wanted to know it all, the whole story behind it, the body, the physio, the physics. I always loved working with kids, to see their progress and that is why I became the licensed UEFA/FIFA coach at the Croatian Football Association (national A license). In 10 years of coaching experience, I also learned a lot about managing and scouting besides all the administrational duties at a club. Attention to detail is the most important thing in this psychological game of success. In my career I had a lot of challenges and obstacles in front of me that are known to only a few but I managed to overcome them with hard work and dedication and one of the highlights of my career is the 3rd place at the FIFA tournament in Barcelona with the generation of 1998 when Croatian National Team also took the bronze medal in the World Cup in France. This was definitely one of the most legendary sports stories in the world. As a child I played in the Football Club Zagreb passing one of the best football schools in the region and was coached by many well-known names like Gašparini, Gospić and Ostojić. Becoming a professional coach remained my main ambition at the early stage of my sports career because of their influence on me so I put in all the extra effort to improve my skills and I enrolled the Centre of sports excellence to become a body technique instructor. I guess I did a good job there when they employed me for the next 4 years during which I focused on the injuries prevention, trigger points treatments, myofascial release and therapeutic rehabilitation after the injuries. Meanwhile, I ran a course in fitness training for the Croatian Police forces and having only one goal in mind, that of broadening my specter of sports expertise, widening the scope of my competencies on many levels, I started realizing my life ambitions by working with several clubs in different divisions, seeing many players grow physically and psychologically to become great players. At Cronique soccer camps my goal is to gain your trust by pushing you to the limits which you might have never imagined you could reach and show you the way in which you should continue developing to become great and maybe, just maybe, one day play in some of the greatest clubs of the world.


“No pain - no game”