Antonio Vukorepa



Antonio started his international career already in the French kindergarten Alliance française in the capital of Croatia where he learned how to appreciate other languages and cultures. Swimming followed by gymnastics at that age was a great stepping stone for later water polo and soccer preferences. Two sports always clashed as well as the positions, goalie and center forward. Built for the Youth Olympics in 1987, the Academic Water Polo Club „Mladost“ in Zagreb set the basis for the life ahead of him because he was honored to practice and learn in one of the rear European and/or world sports temples that brought up so many athletes, record and medal holders, Olympians or simply, the legends of sports. From the Croatian champion, to the Century League Champion with Santa Ana Valley High School and the State of California Champion with West Valley College in the heart of Sillicon Valley, Antonio finally wrapped up his 20 year sports career in Brooklyn Heights, New York at St. Francis College which were All-Academic American for many years and one of the leading teams in the IVY league and the NCAA. He went back to Europe as the Bachelor of Science in International Business to complete his Master of Science in International Hospitality Management and launched his business career at the House of Switzerland at the Olympics in Athens where the Olympian spirit started long long time ago. Being always on top (of things) made him continue his search for excellence so he joined the Jumeirah team at the peak of world hospitality where his entrepreneurial spirit took over and Cronique concept started to build up and finally came to life after his comeback to the roots crowned with two beautiful daughters living a simple life. He owes his success to all the beautiful colorful people that painted his life story. Especially to those not so beautiful because they made him want to change the world to be a better place. For all!

Life Quote:

„After the war in Croatia, the hurricane in Milan, the ghetto, 9/11, only sky is the limit!“