Andrej Grozaj

Andrej Grozaj

Water polo coach


Born and raised in Zagreb in 1978. Andrej had a bright water polo career both as a player and as a coach. His street knowledge made him an unsolved mystery for the generations of opponents as well as the role model for many successful athletes he coached. His strong character and pride still follows him today in the area od individual coaching which he passionately does for over a decade. Amongst many, he is proud of coaching Luka Lončar for 3 years in his early days and this experience definitely added to Luka’s throne as the Croatian water polo MVP along with Andro Bušlje besides the title of current World Champs. Andrej’s background could have launched him in any sport but we are very happy he chose water polo at the age of 9 and became a significant member of Mladost family all the way till he was 23 and moved on to professionalize as the individual fitness instructor. One of the highlights of his career before he went pro was the final match in the Croatian championship, junior category, when he scored 4 goals in the victory of 7:4. These were the days when Mladost youth categories took all the medals that can be taken in all diferrent age categories. His character and dedication made other bold projects come alive. He was the essential part as the main coach of Dinamo water polo club that officially activated once he graduated from the university. In the meanwhile, due to his personal ambitions and a lot of individuals who wanted to work with him on their physical condition, Andrej starts his gym and focuses on the individual workout and personal training. Proud dad of two beautiful daughters, captains of their volleyball teams and the leagacy continues…